Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

While English Class

*muterin Michael Learn to Rock - Take Me to Your Heart
*dosen datang

Actually, I don't really like English Class now. Really. Really. Feel stuck and bored. Everyday just remaking word and sentences. No game. No play. Very Serious. Like kebo's said that 'Literature is So Serious . Why?? Lagu MLTR masih terngiang di telingaku. Masih berkumandang di dasar kalbu

*digorok Khalil Gibran ..

change background song
*Ajeng - Saat Kau Tak Di sini

English (past) is the one of my favourite subject. Why? I just think that If I can mastering English, we can hold world in our hands. Ahihihi ..
*benerin kerah

Now ?
Ah, feeling so stuck and bored in this class .. Do you know? My friend was slept in English Class .. =)) .. His name is Arya Budi Sutopo. He from P.Fisika Class. He just sleep while Eng dozen is test the other member of Speech ;)

Here are the pictures

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